Our Services & Activities

Our main aim is to give comfort to the CANCER and HIV/AIDS patients during the time of illness. We offer them comfort by relief of pain, treatment of opportunistic infections and aim to prevent infection to other people by educating and providing condoms to HIV/Aids patients to both male and female clients. The other aim is to empower the family on home care and to counsel them so that they can come to terms with the illness.


With the Help of donors and the local community, we are now able to take care of both cancer and HIV / AIDS patients and the number is increasing. We have managed to purchase a permanent premise which is on a ¾ acre plot & to purchase two vehicles, a s

International Recognition

In March 2009, Nyeri Hospice won 1st Award in International Journal of Palliative Nursing (IJPN) in U.K. Being the only Hospice in Africa to have won the award, it was a great achievement for the Nyeri Hospice.

Patient care

Nyeri Hospice started with 10 patients in 1995, to date a total of 5553 new patients have been attended to. Initially Hospice started to cater for cancer patients only, but with the advent of HIV / Aids, in year 2005 HIV/Aids patients were incorporated in the care and since then 375 patients have been seen. In year 2002, bereavement support was started to cater for families who were not able to cope with the loss of their loved ones. A total of 496 families have since been attended to. Currently, the number of bereaved families has reduced due to counseling given in preparation of the inevitable death of a palliative patient. Day care services on every Wednesday are on going where all our ambulant patients /relatives come and receive spiritual support from spiritual counselors and also psychosocial support through sharing experiences concerning their prevailing terminal illnesses, which has been of great help to them.

Staff Development

The Hospice started with a staff of four members. The staff number has now risen to 12. Nyeri Hospice has trained 5 staff in Higher Diploma in Palliative care and other staff are currently undergoing various trainings in palliative care.

Premises Acquisition

Nyeri Hospice started in a small room given for free by a firm known as Electrical Service ltd until the year 2000, when a premise was bought with several rooms including the reception and a waiting bay, counseling rooms, a training wing, officer’s offices, kitchen, store and day care centre.

Office Equipment, furniture & other utilities

The Hospice started with very few office equipment, currently we have been able to acquire more items such as a radio, Television set, video, DVD, computers, photocopier, printers, fax machines overhead projector. We also have modern office furniture which are adequate.

Information & Communication Systems

Nyeri Hospice started with barely a landline as a way of communication but with the invention of new technology, Hospice has been able to keep up to date with technology. We have been able to install LAN (local area network) of three computers, Email Domain and a Website. We have also installed (PABX) intercommunication in the Office.

Vehicle acquisition

Kathy Sembhi the founder had offered her personal vehicle for home based care. Currently hospice has been able to acquire a four wheel double cabin pick up for home based care and another vehicle for running office errands

Training, Education & Advocacy

We have been able to conduct Community and Carer’s training since 1996 with a total number of 351 Volunteers trained. We have also trained 472 Health Professionals both in their working stations and also through one-week workshops in our training facility.
Advocacy of palliative care have been done through Adult Education programme in the communities throughout Mt. Kenya region and its environs and also the media i.e. radio programmes, Television, Internet, and quarterly newsletters. Advocacy has made palliative care a reality in this region. We also have a school awareness programme in the county that greatly supports us in the Charity Walk annually.

Strategic plan

The first Strategic plan was conducted in 2001 and it’s reviewed after every 5 years which has really assisted in Hospice Development and expansion of Palliative care to other areas.

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation has been achieved by use of a Questionnaire, Verbal and written reports both from patients, relatives, friends and feedbacks from the communities. Board of Directors evaluates Hospice activities on a quarterly basis.

Satellite Hospices

We have been able to start 3-satellite hospices, one at Nyahururu (100 kms away) in 2003, another one in Laikipia (60Kms away) and the other one at Murang’a (65 kms away) in 2006 to make palliative care accessible to the patients who are far from our center. The total number of patients seen in these hospices are; Nyahururu 2500 and Murang’a 800.

Other activities

Nyeri Hospice partnered with wheels for the world (U.K.) in year 2004. Since then, over 1000 wheelchairs and other walking appliances have been distributed to the needy physically challenge persons.